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Invisible Body Shaper Corset

Invisible Body Shaper Corset

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Invisible Body Shaper Corset

An invisible body shaper corset is a garment designed to smooth, compress, and shape your torso while remaining hidden underneath clothing.



  • Nylon and spandex blend - This blend is popular because it offers a balance between stretch and hold. The nylon provides durability and structure, while the spandex allows for a close and comfortable fit.
  • Mesh panels - These panels can be strategically placed throughout the corset to enhance breathability and prevent moisture build-up, especially important during warmer weather or physical activity.


  • Seamless design: Flat seams throughout the corset prevent any lines or bulges from showing beneath clothing.
  • Targeted compression: The corset may target specific areas like the waist, abdomen, and back to create a smoother silhouette.
  • Adjustable closure: This could include hooks and eyes or a zipper closure in the front or back to allow for size adjustability and secure fit.
  • Open bust: This design allows for your favorite bra to be worn underneath the corset for additional support and comfort.
  • Low back: The back dips low enough to be worn invisibly under low-cut dresses or tops.


  • Creates a smooth and slimming silhouette under clothing
  • May improve posture
  • Can provide some back support
  • Boosts confidence

Things to Consider:

  • Size: It's important to choose the correct size for optimal comfort and shaping effect. A too-small size can cause discomfort and be visible under clothing, while a too-large size won't provide the desired shaping effect.

Here are some additional details to consider that may vary depending on the specific corset:

  • Color: Nude or black are common colors for invisible body shaper corsets, as they tend to blend in well under most clothing.
  • Length: Some corsets may extend down to the hips or buttocks for more comprehensive shaping, while others may be shorter and focus on the waist and abdomen.



















If you have any questions about the size, please leave me a message about your waist (cm) and weight (kg).







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